CE in Electronics/Electrical

Generally all three directives are applicable together especially in case of involvement of electronic components in the product.

  1. It is mandatory to test your product according to applicable harmonised standards. While testing against EMC and RoHS directive is generally done against generic standards, the LVD directive however, generally requires testing as per product specific standards.
  2. It is a good idea to get your product tested from a ISO 17025 accredited lab as Notified Body and importers in general are not really convinced by a simple DoC and really need more proof of compliance.
  3. Put a WEEE logo on the product and make sure that your importer/distributor in Europe is registered with a producer compliance scheme.
  4. Make sure that you declare the weight of your Electrical and Electronic product free from packaging and keep records of how much have you sent to which country. Make sure that the product is packed in compliance with the Packaging Directive (94/62/EC).

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