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    Certification of Welding
    Quality System - ISO 3834

    ISO 3834 “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” is an internationally recognized quality system standard developed specifically for companies that weld.

    It applies to manufacturing, both in workshops and at field installation sites, providing criteria to be taken into account for the selection of the appropriate level of quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. Like investing in staff, training and new equipment, implementation of ISO 3834 is the perfect solution for welding fabricators and manufacturers in search of a quality system in their companies that reflects what they do and allows them recognition for their welding and fabrication quality, which will not only improve their businesses but also open up new markets and increase their competitiveness within the industry.

    ISO 3834 Importance

    Competition is quite stiff amongst manufacturing and fabricating companies today. It is almost difficult to find a fabricating company that isn’t offering the same services as yours. To gain competitive advantage and dominance, your company must be up-to-date with emerging requirements from statutory bodies.

    Fabricating companies are already familiar with the ISO 9001, which outlines strict compliance to a quality management system. However, ISO 9001 doesn’t explicitly cover the management systems of fabrication, welding and allied processes. Thus, the certification isn’t sufficiently detailed in ensuring the requirements for welded products are included.

    ISO 3834 is a comprehensive management system that details the recommended and appropriate quality conditions based on fusion welding during the manufacturing and fabricating process.

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    ISO 3834 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials specially covers:

    • The quality controls for welded productions or processes to be carried out during the design phase.
    • Training of Welding coordination personnel
    • Ascertaining welding methods
    • Selection of consumables
    • Non-destructive methods testing methods for welded products
    • Selection of materials
    • Range of metallurgical problems that may arise
    • Welding distortions and defects

    We can certify your company to parts 2, 3 and 4 of the ISO 3834 standard:

    • Part 2 – Comprehensive Quality Requirements
    • Part 3 – Standard Quality Requirements
    • Part 4 – Elementary Quality Requirements

    Getting the certification comes with several benefits:

    1. Competitive Advantage: These days, clients with experience in fabrication companies want to hire a competent company. As such, before they’d patronize your services, they may ask for your certifications of competency. Presenting ISO 9001 isn’t sufficient as it doesn’t cover the intricacies involved during the welding process. Thus, having the ISO 3834 certification is a sign of professionalism and expertise to your potential clients. With ISO 3834, you have an advantage over rival companies.
    2. Technical Expertise: The ISO 3834 makes provisions for everything related to welding processes, from design to completion stages. It arms your company with the needed expertise to carry out various high-quality welding operations with ease. It also offers the technical knowledge for the different levels of personnel involved, from managers, supervisors, and technicians, adding value to your scope of work.
    3. Global Opportunities: The ISO 3834 is an international standard. As such, obtaining a certification places your business for global opportunities. It also gives you the assist you need in penetrating a new market and expanding your clientele.
    4. Better Performance: ISO 3834 seeks to reduce potential risks that may result in expensive repairs, injuries to personnel, or complete damage. The certification sets the groundwork for better productions, efficient performance, and reduced risks.

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